Three Ideas For Wainscoting Ceilings In Your Custom Home

If you're someone who loves the look of wood and you're working with a custom building contractor to design your new home, there are lots of opportunities for you to explore. One option is wainscoting, which is something that people often favor on their walls — typically, on the lower half of the wall, either stained or painted. If you love this idea and are keen on having even more wood in certain parts of your home, talk to your custom builder about wainscoting ceilings. There are several designs to consider, and it's better to have wainscoting as part of the building project — rather than make changes later on. Here are three ceiling wainscoting ideas that your custom builder can implement.


You might like a standard look in one or more rooms, which will consist of a series of long pieces of wood placed beside one another across the entire surface of the ceiling. A lot of homeowners who like this ceiling style ask their builders to paint the wood white. Doing so helps to keep the room feeling spacious, as darker colors can lead to cramped feelings. White paint can also show that you've got wood overhead, but reduce some of its visual impacts. For example, if you have hardwood flooring and plan to have wooden furniture in the space, you might not want a plain wood ceiling, too.


If you're looking for wainscoting on your ceiling but you favor a slightly unique look, talk to your builder about adding wooden frames over the wainscoting. There are many different ways that a custom builder can approach this work, but a common idea is to cover the ceiling in wood, and then build some square frames directly atop it. This may be a look that you favor in a large space, as the frames help to add visual appeal. For example, you might like this ceiling style in a spacious living room or dining room.


It can be fun to get creative and talk with your custom builder about unique ceiling wainscoting ideas. Perhaps you love the look of wainscoting but don't want too much of it. In this scenario, your builder may entertain the idea of using wainscoting on part of the ceiling in a specific room. For example, the builder might put the wood around the perimeter of the ceiling, add some trim around the border, and then finish the middle of the ceiling with conventional drywall. This can leave you with a unique, eye-catching look.

To learn more information, reach out to a custom home building contractor near you.