Six Consequences Of Delaying Too Long Before Repairs Are Done On Your Foundation

It's important to have foundation repairs performed immediately on your home when you need them. Neglecting foundation repairs can lead to numerous negative consequences when it comes to the health, finances, and comfort of your household. 

The following are six consequences of delaying too long before repairs are done on your foundation. 

The structural integrity of your home is compromised.

Probably the number one reason why you need to have foundation repair done right away is that foundation damage weakens a home's structure.

The foundation is structurally an essential component of a home. If it weakens, other components of a home's structure can also weaken including walls, floors, and ceilings. Severe structural issues will gradually develop if a foundation is faulty, and they eventually lead to safety hazards. 

The eventual cost of foundation repairs is higher than it needed to be.

Foundation repair can sometimes be expensive. However, waiting to have repairs performed is likely to drive up the costs. As foundation cracks and other types of damage spread, they become more costly to repair. 

Your plumbing system eventually becomes affected by foundation damage.

Most homes have plumbing pipes that channel water in and out of a home below the foundation. A foundation that's shifting or warping over time is likely to damage these pipes. 

If pipes become damaged as a result of foundation problems, they could prevent your home's plumbing fixtures from working properly. They could also destroy pipes and plumbing fixtures so that they need to be replaced. 

Foundation cracks lead to water damage to your home's interiors.

A faulty foundation could allow water to seep into a home. This could lead to water damage. Water damage allows mold and mildew growth in addition to flooding within a home.

Water damage can make a home less healthy to live in by detracting from air quality and allowing harmful and toxic black mold growth. 

Insects and other pests are able to penetrate and infest your home.

Insect infestations are another particularly unpleasant negative consequence of neglected foundation damage. A foundation that's damaged can more easily be penetrated by insects and other pests like rodents. 

HVAC efficiency is compromised so that your utility bills cost more than they need to.

Cracks in a home's foundation can make a home less airtight. This means that the home's HVAC equipment will need to work harder to condition interior air. This inefficiency can drive up a home's utility bills. 

For more information on foundation repair, reach out to a contractor in your area.