A Look At The Most Common Issues With Gas, Oil, And Electric Boilers

Even though boilers are often assumed to be an outdated form of home heating, they really are still a popular heating choice. There are three primary types of boilers: gas, oil, and electric. Here is a look at the common issues associated with each. 

Common Problems With Gas Boilers 

The majority of the modern boilers in use today rely on gas to function, especially those in use in residential settings. Gas boilers are some of the most efficient of all types of boilers, but one of the bigger advantages of these systems is the fact that they are less likely to need boiler service calls for repairs, and when they do, parts are easy to find. Most gas boilers can last several years without issues, but they do require periodic maintenance. The two most common issues with gas boilers are issues with the water circulation pump and issues with the pilot light not staying lit, which usually just means the ignitor plate needs to be cleaned or replaced. 

Common Problems With Oil Boilers 

Oil boilers are a little less common in the modern day, but they can still be in operation in antiquated homes and buildings. Most homeowners make the change to either an electric or gas boiler because oil boilers can be harder and a bit more expensive to maintain because parts can be a bit harder to find. Some of the most common problems with these boilers that may require a call to a boiler repair professional for help include:

  • Burner nozzles at the oil distribution points are clogged or broken
  • Heat exchanger issues: primarily cracks or damage to the heat exchanger that requires replacing the part 
  • Issues with the fuel delivery lines because oil tends to clog up these pipes over time with residue 

Common Problems With Electric Boilers 

Electric boiler systems are the most modern type of boiler found in residential properties, and those that end up with an electric boiler usually enjoy the ease of using these complex systems. Electric boilers are not quite as efficient as those that use gas, but you do get a lot of convenience with the electrical power. Just like oil boilers, it is pretty uncommon for most of these electric-fueled systems to keep on generating heat without a lot of issues. Some common calls for repairs from a boiler repair service will be because the system is lacking heat or there is an electrical issue so the boiler is not powering on.