Uses for Small Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Beyond the Additional Garage or Tool Shed

Quick to erect, affordable, and sturdy, pre-engineered steel buildings are a logical property addition when you need some extra space to use as a garage or shop. However, these buildings have more to offer property owners than just extra garage and shop space; the buildings are versatile enough to find all kinds of uses. Take a look at just a few of the uses for pre-engineered steel buildings that you may be interested in for your property.

1. Create a sturdy playhouse where your children can play. 

If you have children that have always wanted their own playhouse, a small pre-engineered steel building work. These buildings can go in place quickly, so excited little ones play in their playhouse right away. The buildings can be insulated, heated, cooled, and outfitted with electricity and water if you choose to go for a fully functional playhouse. Here are a few other reasons pre-engineered steel buildings can be good playhouses: 

  • The structures last throughout childhood and beyond 
  • Steel buildings are resilient to the elements 
  • The building can have all the finishing touches of an actual house like windows and carpet

2. Get your partner a she-shed she can call her own. 

The she-shed is the opposite of a man cave; it is made specifically for the woman of the house so she can have her own getaway. She-sheds can be made out of about anything, but the pre-engineered steel buildings are the ideal choice because of the speed at which they can be erected. She can pick out a shed style she likes and it can be on the property and completed within a few days. These sheds can have all the attributes you could ask for to make them comfortable, and they even come in a range of color choices. 

3. Put up a pool-side cabana with a bar or kitchenette. 

If you have a pool on your property, implementing a poolside cabana can add another layer of enjoyment to the pool area. The cabana can easily be created out of a pre-engineered steel building. Since these buildings can be outfitted with plumbing and electrical fixtures, it would be easy enough to implement a full-on bar or kitchenette where you can serve up cold drinks to your poolside visitors or have a pool party complete with foods made right in the cabana. 

These are just a few ideas to consider. Contact local contractors to learn more.