A Look At The Most Commonly Used Types Of Building Trusses

When a home or building is being constructed, the contractor will likely work with prefabricated trusses to simplify the build. Trusses makeup the primary support system for the roof on top of the house, and it is the trusses that determine the end shape of the roof itself. Therefore, knowing what trusses you need is ever-important when in the process of putting a building together. Numerous building truss styles are out there to pick from, and each of them has its own unique purpose and shape. Here is a look at some of the most common types of roof trusses available from companies such as Campbell Truss Company Inc.

Flat Roof Trusses 

Flat trusses are built just as they sound; they have a completely horizontal shape to support a flat roof. Flat roofs are common on certain types of properties, such as commercial buildings and small sheds or garages. While these trusses have angular supportive braces between two horizontal slats just like any other type of roof truss, they also have a series of vertical support posts placed at even spaces along the full span of the truss. The flat roof style needs a bit more support than the average pitched roof, so the structure of the building trusses can be reinforced with double cross beams for added durability. 

Mono-pitch Roof Trusses 

Mono-pitch roofing trusses are created for buildings or build-ons that have a single-pitched roof. For example, a lean-to style build-on is topped with a roof that may only consist of a single slanted plane on top to route water away from the new expansion and the existing structure. Mono-pitch roofing trusses are uniquely designed to accommodate this type of building. They have a triangular shape with one end completely vertical and the other coming to a point. Each mono-pitch roof truss is outfitted with support pieces between just like the typical roofing truss. 

Gambrel Roof Trusses 

Gambrel roof trusses are a more complex version of roof trusses designed to accommodate the gambrel-style roof. The gambrel roof style consists of two steeper pitches on either side that join at a shallow peak directly in the center. Gambrel roofs were once popular on barns, but they can be found on some more modern homes as well because of their architectural appeal. The gambrel roofing truss has the telltale shape you would expect; a center vertical beam and support brackets that reach to support the double slopes on each side.