Using The Right Equipment To Safely Handle Material On Your Job Site

There are many different materials that you may need to move around on a construction site, and having the material handling equipment to do the job safely is critical. Many of the materials that need moving are large and heavy loads that could become unstable quickly if not handled properly. 

Heavy Loads

Often the material used on job sites is massive, and trying to lift heavy loads without the right equipment for the job can be dangerous. Material handling equipment like all-terrain forklifts or telehandlers can be the most stable way to move pallets filled with concrete blocks, lumber, or other heavy items.

While you may not have this equipment on hand, many rental companies rent material handling equipment for very reasonable rates. Renting the right equipment for the job may save you time when moving the materials, and that time can translate into money, so spending the money to rent the proper material handling equipment might save your business money in the long run. 

Crane Services

Materials that need to go to the upper floor of a construction project may need to be moved by special equipment. A crane is a very specialized material handling equipment, but it can be a critical part of getting the materials where they need to be. If you need a crane on your job site, it is a good idea to hire a crane and an operator that has experience moving the kinds of materials you need to move. 

Some companies that you are buying materials from will deliver them with a truck that has a crane on it, but in most situations, that crane is designed to move the materials from the truck to the ground, and most likely does not have the reach to move pallets of goods to the upper floors of a building that is more than a couple of stories tall. 

Moving Materials Inside

When you are moving materials inside the building, material handling equipment like pallet jacks and propane or electric forklifts may be the best option. A small forklift that has the capacity to move the materials can be an asset because it is maneuverable, and even if you need to move partial loads with it, the machine will replace the need for people to lift heavy loads of material manually.

Sometimes a skid steer loader can be set up with pallet forks and used as a forklift. While this is not traditional material handling equipment, it is a good improvisation for companies that already own one of these flexible little loaders.