3 Different Types Of Metal Roofs

Oftentimes, metal roofs are discussed as if all metal roofs are made from the same material. However, these roofs are made from a variety of different materials that impact the overall performance of the roof.

Steel Roof

One of the most common types of metal used to create metal roofs is steel. Steel is a popular roofing material because it is both sturdy and heavy. There is both a thinner and thicker gauge of steel that are used, with the thinner steel being a little less expensive but also not as sturdy as the thicker gauge steel.

Steel roofing material is generally covered with a galvanized coating that is comprised of either zinc or zinc and aluminum. This coating helps ensure that the steel doesn't corrode. The finish is usually painted on top of the roof once it is in place, and follow-up coatings can be applied to further protect the roof across its lifetime.

Aluminum Roofing

Another material used for metal roofs is aluminum roofing. Aluminum roofing isn't used as often as used to be because the metal is soft and can become damaged more easily. On the other hand, aluminum doesn't become rusted or corrode, even if the finish on the aluminum is worn away. Aluminum is the preferred material in coastal areas because of its anti-rust properties.

Copper Roofing

Another material used is cooper. Cooper is one of the best metals to use on your roof. Copper doesn't need to have any special coating or finish applied to it, leaving nothing to get scratched or damaged. Copper can withstand extreme weather and has been known to last for hundreds of years. Copper is such a strong material that once you put it on your roof, you will more than likely never need to re-roof your home again in your lifetime.

However, copper is also an expensive material. Copper is often used to cover the most vulnerable parts of a roof instead of the entire thing. However, if you have the money to cover your entire roof in copper, you will be making a great investment.

If you want to put a metal roof on your home, make sure you carefully choose the material you use on your home. Steel has become the standard, as it is strong and with the right coating, can resist corrosion. Aluminum is not as strong as steel but works great in coastal environments as it is not as prone to corrosion. If you want to go with the best material, and you have a big budget, invest in copper. Speak with a company like Pacific Sheet Metal that provides residential metal roofing services to learn more.