The Land Surveying Guide To Help Plan For Major Property Renovations And Home Additions

One of the things that need to be done when planning home renovations and additions is land surveying. This is also one of the steps in planning that sometimes gets overlooked. Therefore, you want to know more about surveying and how it can help you with the planning of your renovations. The following land surveying guide will help you with planning your renovation projects:

  • Mark property lines for easements—When you are planning on renovations to your home and outdoor spaces of your property, you need to know where your property line is located. The land surveying service can clearly mark your property line, which is where you will need to measure from for easement requirements for things like fencing that you are planning on installing. Sometimes, these easements can also affect additions to homes or additional structures that you may be planning on adding to your property for renovations.
  • Utilities and infrastructure locating—There is also the infrastructure that you will need to have located before you begin planning your renovations. The land surveying service can provide utility locating services to ensure you do not have a problem with damage to utility services when you are digging or doing grading to make changes to the soil elevations. The utility locating service is something that you need to do anytime you are doing work that includes excavations.
  • Marking the location of existing structures—The existing structures on your property can include things like your home, detached garages, shops or sheds, pools, and pool houses. Before you start planning major renovations to your property, you need to have the land surveyed and the location of the structures documented. Documenting the location of existing structures will help with drawing the new plans for property renovations.
  • Preparing the additions and marking footing locations—When you are planning on major renovations to your property, they may include additions to existing structures. These additions are going to need to have footings dug of the foundation work to be done. The land surveying service can help with marking the location of the addition footings according to the drawings of the plan for your addition. They can also help mark the elevations and changes that are going to be made when the new addition is completed.

These are the land surveying services that are going to help you with the planning of renovations for your property. When you get ready to start planning major renovations, contact a land surveying service to ensure these things are done.