Maintaining Your Pool Enclosure: Four Helpful Tips

Your screened pool enclosure helps you, your family, and your guests get more use out of the space throughout the warmer months of the year. The screen keeps pests at bay, and it also helps you limit access to the pool area for added safety and peace of mind, Maintaining your outdoor screen enclosure takes a bit of work, but proper care can help extend the life of the structure. Use the following guide to keep your screened pool enclosure ready for use every year. 

Proper Cleaning

Ideally, your outdoor screen enclosure consists of a frame crafted from sturdy aluminum or other similar metal. This construction helps ensure easy cleaning and maintenance, so you need only to clean the frame and screen throughout the year. A solution of water and vinegar can help get rid of mildew and algae buildup, and a simple garden hose can be used to spray down the frame and screen to keep dust and dirt at bay. Be sure to clean the ceiling part of the structure as well as the walls to ensure cleanliness. You can use a squeegee with a telescoping extension handle to cover the entire ceiling, including the space above your pool to accomplish this task. 

Pest Control

While your screens will keep insects and animals away from your pool, some stubborn animals can eat away at your screens and cause significant damage. Motion-activated floodlights around the roofline of the pool enclosure can ward off raccoons and other nocturnal animals, while motion-activated sprinklers can safely deter squirrels and other rodents during the day. Make sure nearby tree limbs are trimmed back so they don't hang over the enclosure roof as this can provide easy access for some animals. 

Screen Repair

Screens can rip and tear over time, so it's a good idea to perform regular inspections to take care of small rips before they become large holes. You can work with your contractor to have panels of the screens replaced as needed. For tiny tears, use a window screen repair kit. A quick patch of minor imperfections can help keep your screens in great shape throughout the year. Be sure to check the areas where your screens meet the framing as sections of panels can begin to pull away over time. This creates large gaps where insects and pests can quickly gain access to your enclosure. 

Regular Inspections

Consider scheduling regular inspections to determine the stability and strength of the enclosure. Whether hardware has begun to rust or high winds have damaged the framing during a storm, unseen damage can lead to potential problems down the road. Talk to your contractor about having the frame, spine, hardware, and screens inspected on a set schedule to ensure the safety of all who use your pool. These inspections might be scheduled once or twice per year, but living in an area that experiences a lot of severe weather might make more frequent inspections a good idea. 

For more information, reach out to an outdoor screen enclosure supplier near you.