Composition Slate: Is It A Good Replacement For Your Roof?

If you plan to replace your roof soon, slate may be one of the options you choose to use for your roof. But if you don't think your home is strong enough to support the weight of slate tiles, you may choose asphalt shingles instead. You can still experience the benefits of slate by installing composition slate tiles on your roof instead. Learn more about composition slate and why it's a good roof replacement below.

What's Composition Slate?

Composition slate roofing tiles, or composite tiles, look and function similar to traditional slate roofing tiles. But unlike traditional slate, which consists of all-natural slate, composition slate consists mostly of recycled rubber and other synthetic materials. The synthetic materials make composition slate lighter and easier to maintain over time. 

Composition slate comes in a variety of textures and colors, which makes it flexible enough to use on many types of homes today. Composition slate is also highly resistant to sun damage, high impacts, and other things that may damage your roof over time. The ultraviolet inhibitors inside the material provide ongoing protection against the sun's heat and light throughout the year.

Composition slate is a good alternative for many other reasons. If you're ready to replace your roof with a composition slate tile roofing system, call a roofer today.

What Happens for You Next?

One of the first things a roofer may do is ask you to choose the style and color of your composite slate tiles. A roofer may bring a style guide and color palette to your home during the visit. You may also be able to visit a roofer's website and view their slate products before the visit. You want to choose composite slate tiles that match your home's exterior paint, style, and features. 

After you choose the best tiles for your roof, a roofer will take steps to replace your old roof. A roofer must remove the old shingles from your roof before they place the new tiles on it. The surface beneath the old shingles must be clean, dry, and free of defects before the installation. If the surface of the roof is too dirty, damp, or damaged, the new roofing tiles won't adhere properly to it. 

If a roofer needs to do anything else to your roof during the replacement, they'll inform you immediately. 

Learn more about composition slate tile and how you can use it for your roof replacement by contacting a contractor today.