4 Plumbing Upgrades To Consider When Renovating A Bathroom

Many homeowners love to use a well-arranged and beautiful bathroom, so they regularly renovate the bathroom. This may seem like a lot of work to some people, but renovating a bathroom is a worthwhile investment. When remodeling a bathroom or any other room, there are features that one needs to consider to improve the functionality of the space. For the bathroom, some features are the openings, lighting, fitting of fixtures, and plumbing works, to mention but a few. Plumbing is among the features that matter when renovating a bathroom, and here is what you should consider.

Getting the Modern Fixtures 

The plumbing fixtures market is ever-growing, and it has brought new fixtures that are eco-friendly. Most of the new plumbing fixtures in the market are built to save on water usage, cutting the homeowner's water bills. An example of these fixtures is the dual flush toilets. The flushing system is divided into two parts, where one can use one side to flush away the liquid waste and the other to flush the solid waste. This helps save water, which is an advantage to the homeowner.

Consider Covering the Plumbing Pipes

In some instances, you might have exposed plumbing pipes in the bathroom, and this can be disturbing since you might damage the pipes by mistake, resulting in more repair expenses. You need to hire a competent bathroom remodeling contractor to conceal and protect the plumbing system and enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

Drain Size Upgrade

Some drainage systems get clogged due to the size of the drain. The drain might be too small for the wastewater to flow, resulting in blockage. When the small waste particle drains through, the drainage system gets clogged. Getting a drain pipe that suits the drainage needs of your bathroom can make work easier. However, this should not encourage you to ignore your drain maintenance needs.

Changing the Bathroom Layout 

Sometimes, one gets to change the initial location of certain fixtures to create more room or ensure better bathroom space functionality. When renovating, you should ensure that the plumbing fixtures fit well and leave enough room for easy movement. The contractor should also ensure that the functionality does not change with the relocation and that the pipe installation doesn't damage the house's foundation or structures. The process can be costly but rewarding. Therefore, you should consult a remodeling contractor to assess the project's outcome before proceeding with the renovation project.

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