Designing Your Business's New Parking Lot

The parking lot is one of the areas of your commercial property that will experience the most intense wear and tear. As a result, it is necessary to be mindful when you are preparing a design for either a new parking lot or repaving an existing lot.

Decide On The Placement Of The Lights For The Parking Lot  

When you are first choosing a design for your parking lot, it is necessary to consider where the lights for the lot will be placed. It is necessary to ensure that these lights can properly illuminate the parking lot so that drivers can more easily see pedestrians and other vehicles. The number and placement of the parking lot lights will depend on the size of the lot as well as the height of the lights that you are going to install.

Consider Any Loading Zones That Will Be Needed  

Loading zones can be another important part of your parking lot. This area can allow trucks and other deliveries to easily be loaded or unloaded for the business. When placing ht loading zone, it will be necessary to leave enough space to allow for the large truck to effectively maneuver into position. In addition to loading zones for deliveries for your business, you should also consider where the pedestrians from the parking lot will be walking into the building. Marking these areas with paint and using speed bumps to slow traffic can substantially lessen the chances that someone suffers a severe injury as a result of an accident.

Use Angled Parking Spaces To Help Direct The Flow Of Traffic Through The Lot

Controlling the flow of traffic through the parking lot can allow you to make it significantly safer for drivers and pedestrians. However, it can be a challenge to encourage individuals to drive in an orderly fashion through a parking lot.

One solution to this can be the use of angled parking spots. This can help encourage vehicles to drive the correct way through the parking lanes as they will be unable to enter a spot if they are coming from the wrong direction. Fortunately, parking lot line striping services can easily provide angled parking spots for their clients.

Additionally, you can install signs that will actively direct the flow of traffic. While these options may not completely prevent drivers from going the wrong way, they can significantly reduce the likelihood of this happening, which can provide major safety advantages.

To learn more about parking lot paving, contact a contractor near you.