Fire Extinguisher Equipment For Confined Spaces

Fire safety standards that need to be followed within confined spaces differ from standards that need to be followed in wide open areas. Due to the threat of oxygen limitations and visibility restrictions, fire extinguisher equipment that will be purchased should be carefully selected.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is an important topic that any business owner should take seriously. Fire safety should be practiced by anyone who will be working in a potentially hazardous setting. At the very least, an employee should be trained to identify dangers and evacuate a building if a fire erupts.

Fire safety standards require a business owner to equip a commercial structure with fire suppression essentials. A fire extinguisher is a basic suppression product. A foam, chemical agent, powder, or water may be contained within an extinguisher. A fire extinguisher can be used independently or in conjunction with a sprinkler system.

Dangers And Preparedness Practices

A confined space includes an attic, a basement, a hallway, or any other area that contains limited square footage. A confined space can be potentially hazardous to someone who will be performing work duties. For instance, a construction crew may work in a small space that supplies limited oxygen. If a fire were to ignite in a confined space with limited oxygen, it is critical for the fire to be suppressed and for the employee or employees to exit the premises in an orderly fashion.

Due to the unique circumstances that a restricted space may present, an employee will need to be mindful of the type of fire extinguisher that they use during an emergency fire suppression effort. Products that contain chemicals could affect the air quality within a room or may reduce visibility. A chemical or powder extinguisher should only be used in rooms or interior spaces that are well-ventilated.

A confined area could be a temporary or permanent work area. A contractor who oversees the building of a commercial structure may require their workers to perform duties in many temporary work areas. A liquid or foam extinguisher can be used in small spaces. A fire extinguisher that contains water is one of the most common fire extinguisher types that is used in commercial settings.

A fire extinguisher may contain a bracing system that will support securing an extinguisher to a wall. An extinguisher that does not contain a brace can be installed inside of a fire safety box that is recessed in a wall. A box may contain a glass cover that will need to be removed when an extinguisher will be accessed.