Storm Windows Improve Energy Efficiency And Make Your Home More Comfortable

If your old windows are drafty and you're concerned they're making your power bills higher due to being inefficient, you may wonder if it's time for a window replacement. If you don't have the funds to replace your windows right now, consider getting storm windows instead. These windows are less expensive than replacement windows and they do a good job of improving energy efficiency. Here's how they work. 

Storm Windows Cover Your Current Windows

Your existing windows aren't removed to install storm windows. Instead, the new windows are placed over the existing windows. They are mounted on the exterior of your home and add existing layers of glass to seal your house and prevent heat loss. The windows can be installed permanently by a window installer. You can also buy storm windows that are easy to install by yourself if you have the tools and skills. This makes the investment even less since you can eliminate installation costs.

Some Are Removable

Permanent storm windows stay up all year and provide protection from extreme heat and cold weather. Others are meant to be taken out during the off seasons so you can open the windows for a breeze. Some storm windows are designed to open so you can leave the windows in and let in a breeze. Since there are different styles of windows and they come at different prices, be sure to compare your options carefully.

There Are Options In Glass

One of the things that affects the cost of storm windows is the glass you choose. You can choose windows with glass or plastic sheets. The choice affects how transparent the windows are. Glass windows come with multiple panes of glass with gas between them for the best energy efficiency.

You can also choose low-E glass. This type of glass has a transparent coating on it that reflects heat. In the winter, heat is reflected back inside and during the summer, heat is reflected outside. This makes it easier to control the temperature in your home and makes your home more energy efficient.

They Protect The Original Windows

While storm windows can affect the appearance of your home from the outside, they'll protect your original windows. This could be important if you live in a historic home. Covering up your current windows keeps them protected from the elements and flying debris in a storm so they last longer and have a lower risk of rain and sun damage. Your windows will be protected while you enjoy improved energy efficiency, sound control, and increased comfort in your home.

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