4 Repairs Solutions An Asphalt Paving Contractor Can Use to Fix Major Cracks

Asphalt, as sturdy as it may appear, is not resistant to the passage of time and elements. The relentless pressure from traffic, coupled with harsh weather conditions, can lead to noticeable cracks, fragmenting the once smooth surface.

An asphalt paving contractor is equipped with specialized tools and knowledge and can help restore your pavement. The following are four asphalt repair solutions that your contractor can offer when it comes to dealing with major asphalt cracks:

Use of Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared asphalt repair is an innovative and eco-friendly solution that uses infrared technology to heat the damaged area and seamlessly blend new asphalt with the old.

The process allows for optimal fusion and provides a smooth, flawless finish that can improve the aesthetic appeal of your asphalt. When done correctly, infrared asphalt repair can also increase the structural integrity of your pavement.

Slurry Seal and Micro-surfacing

Slurry seal and micro-surfacing combine polymer-modified emulsion, fine aggregate, cementitious material filler, water, and additives to create a protective layer over the existing asphalt surface.

The method not only fills in cracks but can also enhance the appearance and texture of your pavement. The layer provides a durable surface and is resistant to damage caused by ultraviolet rays, fuel spills, automobile fluids, and more.

Your contractor can further boost the longevity of your pavement by adding a topcoat for added protection.

Polymer Modified Asphalt Overlays

The solution is ideal for large-scale projects where you need to restore a damaged area without completely replacing the asphalt pavement. The process uses a combination of asphalt emulsion and other polymers to create an overlay that covers the entire damaged area.

The layer is then sealed with a topcoat for enhanced protection against wear and tear and to even out the texture of the pavement. The result is a long-lasting solution that maintains the structural integrity of your pavement without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Full-depth Reclamation (FDR)

If the damage extends to the base layers of your pavement, FDR is an effective solution. It involves pulverizing the existing asphalt and base material, mixing them with a stabilizing agent, and compacting the mixture to form a strong, sturdy base for a new asphalt layer.

The process is also an environmentally-friendly solution as it recycles existing materials and reduces the need for new resources. Additionally, FDR can help reduce labor costs associated with complex repairs.

No matter what type of pavement service you require, you should always seek professional help to ensure that your job is done right. Reputable contractors will have the experience and necessary equipment to complete the job efficiently and effectively. Contact a pavement contractor such as D & E Construction Co Inc today for a free consultation.