Does Your Outdoor Fireplace Need New Mortar And Bricks?

If you notice smoke seeping or waffling out the masonry bricks in your outdoor fireplace, repair your fireplace fast. Over time, the mortar and bricks in your outdoor fireplace can wear down or crumble. Smoke, fumes, and other hazards can escape your fireplace and endanger your health. Learn why you should repair your outdoor fireplace today.

Why Should You Repair Your Outdoor Fireplace?

Smoke should never seep through the masonry bricks in your fireplace. But if you do see smoke waffling out of the fireplace bricks, the mortar between the bricks could be severely damaged, cracked, or crumbled. 

Mortar seals the gaps between bricks. Mortar also glues the bricks together in your fireplace. Mortar can chip away naturally, or it can break and crumble from age and weather exposure. If smoke and other fumes pass through the damaged mortar, it could impair your respiratory system or cause other health issues to occur.

Repair your outdoor fireplace now so that you can use it safely this cold season.

How Do You Repair Your Outdoor Fireplace?

You can replace the missing or damaged mortar and/or bricks in your fireplace yourself. But in order for your fireplace to be safe to use, you'll need to clean and dry the bricks thoroughly before you place new mortar between them. If you don't follow each step precisely, your fireplace could potentially fail. 

A contractor will most likely inspect the entire fireplace for problems before they add new mortar and bricks to it. The inspection can help reveal additional issues with the masonry, such as discoloration, soot buildup, and chemical residue. Inhaled soot can be dangerous for people, especially children. If a contractor discovers additional problems with the masonry, they'll inform you about these issues immediately.

If the masonry in your fireplace is okay, a contractor will remove the damaged mortar and bricks right away. The new mortar should create a tight and secure bond between the bricks in your fireplace. The mortar should also seal out wind and other weather elements. If you want to learn more about the properties of mortar, speak with a contractor.

A contractor may also reinforce the bricks with a waterproof sealer. The sealer keeps moisture from penetrating the spaces between the bricks over time. The sealer may also strengthen the mortar.

Don't wait until your outdoor fireplace causes problems for your health. You can receive the services you need by contacting a contractor today.

To learn more about masonry, contact a contractor.