Exterior Waterproofing Designs To Ensure Foundations Are Free Of Leaks And Problems

Exterior waterproofing is important to protect different types of foundations from leaks, water problems, and damage to buildings. Therefore, there is work that needs to be done to make sure the buildings have the right waterproofing systems to protect the foundation. The following waterproofing design solutions will help protect your foundation from leaks and damage.

Waterproofing sealants to protect foundations—The sealants that are applied on exterior walls are the beginning of waterproof systems for your property. These are the base of waterproofing systems and help provide an impermeable membrane to areas that are vulnerable to water penetration. These sealants may need to be applied to the foundation walls and other areas of building exteriors that are vulnerable to water and moisture problems.

Reducing static water pressure with the right waterproofing—Static water pressure is one of the most common causes of damage to foundations. There are a couple of options for waterproofing systems that help to reduce static water pressure. These can be insulated pad materials that are installed with the waterproofing, as well as other modern geotextile-like materials. The geotextile waterproofing systems are designed to reduce the pressure against the foundation as water filters through the soil.

Exterior drainage and watershed to help reduce stress on waterproofing—The exterior drainage and watershed are other problems that you will need to consider. You should make sure that the watershed of the landscaping is functional when doing waterproofing work. Install a French drain system with the waterproofing to help keep the water away from the foundation to prevent problems. The French drain system will direct water that filters through soil away from the foundation to reduce the stress that can cause waterproofing failures and damage to structures. 

Drain systems inside buildings to deal with water and moisture that gets in—Inside buildings, some water and moisture problems are unavoidable. These are common problems with basements and areas of foundations that are lower than the exterior soil. Therefore, you will want to consider having interior drainage systems installed with the exterior waterproofing to help deal with the moisture and water that may get into the building. Interior foundation drains are a great way to deal with the excess water inside buildings due to problems like condensation. 

The right exterior waterproofing systems provide more protection for foundations to prevent leaks and damage to buildings. Contact an exterior waterproofing service and talk to them about these solutions to protect your property from damage.