About Septic Tank System Drain Fields

A septic system is one of the greatest conveniences that a homeowner can have, as it makes sewage handling a lot easier. Unfortunately, some homes are not connected to a municipal sewer system. It is common for such homes to have septic tank systems that are private and must be maintained by the homeowner. Sometimes problems can arise with the system that a homeowner is unable to immediately resolve due to professional help being needed. For example, if the drain field doesn't work as it should, numerous things can go wrong on the inside and outside of a home.

Why a Drain Field Is Important

The drain field is one of the most important aspects of the overall construction of a septic tank system. This is because it is where a portion of waste that accumulates in the tank must be routed to. For example, when a septic tank accumulates solid and liquid waste from a house, the liquid portion of it must be routed out. Unlike the solid waste that can be eliminated by bacteria, liquid will remain in the tank if it isn't routed into the drain field. Basically, a drain field is a designated area in the ground that allows the liquid waste to be evenly distributed in the soil after leaving the tank.

Problems of a Malfunctioning Drain Field

If a drain field begins to malfunction, you might begin to notice several problems in regards to your plumbing system. For example, liquid waste may not be able to leave the tank, which can result in your plumbing system becoming backed up. You don't want a backed-up plumbing system because toilets and sinks can overflow with waste, which is messy and toxic. Another problem that you might notice is that the soil where the drain field is located is full of water. The water will usually have a foul odor, as it is the liquid waste from the septic tank creating puddles due to not being properly distributed throughout the soil.

Repairing and Maintaining a Drain Field

A drain field will have fewer problems for you to worry about if it is properly maintained and fast repairs are made. You should get the drain field lines inspected and repaired if they are damaged. For example, if the lines become detached from the tank, hire a technician to make a repair. Getting the lines occasionally cleaned is the best way to maintain the overall functionality of the drain field.

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