Maintenance For Dyed Asphalt Products

Colored asphalt is eco-friendly and could potentially improve safety along a paved surface where visibility is low. If you choose to have fresh asphalt dyed, you will need to be aware of some maintenance steps that you may need to complete in the future.

Asphalt Preparation

Hot asphalt is prepared at a factory and mixed in a large truck that contains a rotational drum. The dye color that you select will be blended in with the asphalt. While the dyed asphalt is transported to where it will be poured, it will remain at a consistent temperature. There are many dye products that consist of earth tones.

These colors range from brown to red and orange hues. A contractor will pour and spread the asphalt. They will likely recommend that you have a clear emulsion sealer applied over the asphalt. The sealer will protect the rich color or brilliant hue of the asphalt, plus will prevent cracks from forming in the asphalt. In spite of these measures, excessive wear and tear on an asphalt surface could lead to minor imperfections.


Maintenance steps involve sweeping off the asphalt, hosing it down as needed, and using an approved asphalt-cleaning agent to remove stains. All of these steps should be conducted at scheduled intervals. Basic maintenance will prevent severe gouges from forming in the pavement. There may, however, be occasions when more drastic measures need to be taken. If you ever notice worn spots along the pavement, some of the coloring agent may have faded.

The discrepancy in the color of the pavement will alert you to the fact that more dye will need to be applied. You can't apply the dye directly to the pavement. It will need to be mixed with the patch or a sealing agent prior to being used to repair the faded area. This is the same protocol that you need to follow if you notice small holes in the colored pavement.

If any holes form, due to the sealant wearing down, you will need to either hire a contractor to patch the damaged area or purchase a cold patch repair kit and dye that you can use yourself to perform the upgrade. You will need to purchase the same color dye that was originally applied to your property. Directions on the dye container will specify the proper ratio of dye to patch or dye to the sealer that is needed.

For more information about asphalt maintenance, contact a local company.