Should You Get A Custom-Built Tiny Home?

Growing in popularity are tiny homes. These are miniature versions of traditional homes, with a small twist: they are on wheels. Imagine a portable home that you can set on solid foundations whenever you wish, that you can comfortably live in while enjoying a non-camper and non-mobile home life.

People invest in custom-built tiny homes for a variety of reasons, among them cheaper costs of living and freedom. This type of living isn't for everyone but if you want to explore your options and see what might work best for you, read on. You can have custom-built tiny homes designed with your budget and style of living in mind.

You're ready to downsize 

Are you already a homeowner and you're ready to downsize? Perhaps your kids are grown and out of the house, you're single and need less space, or you want to make less of an impact on the environment. Whatever your reason is, if you're ready to downsize and you don't want to live in an apartment or townhouse and want your own space, then look at companies who create custom-built tiny homes and see what you can have created for your own needs.

You're wanting a guest house

Custom-built tiny homes are great for guest houses or mother-in-law apartments. You can place a custom tiny home on your property provided your lot is large enough and your city ordinances allow for the addition. You can turn the guest tiny home into a home office or even a small storefront as well; it's up to you how you use the structure on your land.

Note: if you have older children in college, custom-built tiny homes are ideal for living. They can rent and save money while getting educated and still having their space.

You're wanting to travel but still have a home

Custom-built tiny homes are designed on trailers so they can be moved from one location to the next with ease. Consider a tiny home more like a luxury RV or camper, only with amenities and designs that more closely resemble a traditional loft home or smaller house. If you want to travel but still own a home, custom-built tiny homes are a wise investment.

Your tiny home specialist will use your budget and what you want in a home to help create custom-built tiny homes that work best for your needs. You can also explore standard designs can add custom features too, if desired.