2 Signs Your Home's Wiring Is Having Issues With Voltage Fluctuations

The way your home's electrical system is set up, the wiring comes through circuit breakers that maintain a certain amount of voltage. Things such as lights, your television set, and smaller appliances have a lower voltage than major appliances such as your oven. Normally, these voltage amounts should not vary. 

However, if there is a serious issue with the circuit breakers or the wiring itself, there may be wide fluctuations in the amount of voltage being sent through the electrical system. Below are a couple of signs that your wiring is having issues with voltage fluctuations that need to be addressed immediately by an electrician.

1. Lights Flicker When You Turn on Electrical Appliances but Keep Doing So Even after They Are Switched Off

One sign that your home's electrical system is experiencing voltage fluctuations is when you notice that the lights flicker every time you turn on one or more electrical appliances. While this surge in power to the larger appliances can occasionally occur, it should never happen all of the time.

When there are fluctuations, however, the voltage will be incorrect even after you shut off the appliance, as evidenced by the continued flickering of the lights. If you notice this happening, you need to have your wiring inspected right away.

2. Lights in Your Home Start Dimming Even When Nothing That Draws a Lot of Electricity Is Being Used

Another sign that voltage fluctuations are occurring in your home's wiring is when you notice that the lights dim without any explanation. Even when nothing else is running that draws a lot of electricity, the lights will dim and flicker.

If this is happening, there is a good chance that the fluctuations are being caused by malfunctioning circuit breakers that are no longer correctly regulating the amount of electricity going through the system. A visit by an electrician should be scheduled as soon as possible to avoid burnouts in the wiring or even sparks that could cause a fire.

If your home's lights flicker when you turn on an electrical appliance and they continue to do so after it is turned off, the amount of voltage within the wiring system is shifting, causing a massive fluctuation. When fluctuations are occurring, you may also notice that your lights will suddenly start dimming even when there is no extra load on the electrical system. Since these voltage fluctuations can be dangerous, contact a residential electrician service right away to explain what is going on so they can set up a service call appointment as soon as possible.

Reach out to a residential electrician for more information.